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small group training

strength and conditioning

One hour including warm up and cool down. Our program is designed to focus on improving strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Our raw and edgy studio has all the equipment needed to give you the high intensity workout you are looking for. Small class sizes allow for lots of attention from our very qualified instructors. We focus on form and function!

Why are these components important to you?
Building strength includes increasing lean mass which is essential to keeping your metabolism moving at a healthy pace. As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass which often leads to unwanted weight gain as the metabolism slows. Increasing strength also aids in remaining injury free so you can continue to do the things you love. Along with boosting your metabolism and improving overall functionality our strength component will increase your core stability which we use in just about every move we make!

Cardiovascular fitness as we all know keeps our hearts happy and our minds wakeful. We will work cardio into the workout at the appropriate times to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits out of both components of your workout. High intensity intervals are included in our programming so you can count on reaping those benefits which include increasing metabolism post workout, improved VO2max, effective fat burning and improved glucose tolerance.

Small Group Training
Class Packs: 
Drop in: $20 ($15 for student)
5 Class Pack: $75
10 Class Pack: $130
15 Class Pack: $180
20 Class Pack: $220

one-on-one personal training

Become fit’s one on one personal training program offers an organized approach to reaching your fitness goals. Reaching your goals requires a customized periodized fitness plan, results measurement, good nutrition and accountability. Become fit’s trainers will provide that for you. Our trainers will act as your coach, teacher and demand accountability in a firm but friendly manner as it is essential to success. Prior to your appointment, your training session will be organized and planned to ensure you are maximizing your time and energy. At become fit there is no waiting for equipment and no outside distractions, just a place to feel confident, comfortable and focused while working to achieve your goals. 

One-on-one Personal Training
• Single training session = $70
• 10 training sessions = $55/session
• 20 training sessions = $50/session
• please inquire about buddy training cost

online training

You can still get an effective workout with minimal time. It doesn't have to be a killer workout to be effective, useful, and beneficial.  My online training program allows you to do your own workout, on your own time, specific to your goals. I am currently charging $50/month ($60/month if you want to include nutrition coaching) with a 3 month commitment. You tell me your goals, time commitment, equipment, etc. and I will put together a program specific to your needs.

accountability • support • fun • challenge • strength